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Where does vodka come from?

You are enjoying the delicate taste of your Glory Vodka, and suddenly wondering what is the actual origin of Vodka?
We are going to tell you everything!

Vodka is liquor, which originated in Russia and Poland. Vodka means “ water” in these languages.
Vodka was first produced in Poland in the 8thcentury and in Russia in the 9thcentury.

However, back in the day the spirit was pretty different in comparison to the Vodka we are used to today. It hadn’t the same taste, odor or taste and was used as medicines.

It became popular during the 14thcentury and has then entered the world as a “table spirit”. Between the 18thand 19thcentury Russian state began to strongly promote Vodka as a national drink. Vodka’s taxation started to be so lucrative that it accounted for 40% of the entire annual revenue.

Today Russia is still on of the largest consumers of Vodka in the world. Its popularity can be explained also by its neutral flavor that make it easy to mix in cocktails and also by its ability to not be noticeable in the breath of the drinker.

Vodka now holds 20% of the USA market and is one of the most popular spirits all over the world.

Vodka can be distilled from any type of sugar-free or sugar-rich plant materials.
But what makes Glory Vodka so special?
When you drink Glory Vodka you don’t just drink any kind of vodka but an ultra premium spirit. Glory Vodka contains no additives, glycerol, or sugars. Nothing is added to enhance the taste because nothing is needed!
More importantly, Glory Vodka is GMO Free, Naturally Gluten Free.
It is made from yellow corn proudly grown in the USA. It is made in Palm Beach where it is carefully crafted in small batches from a selection of the finest corn and distilled 6 times before going through a charcoal filtration process.
Testing the quality each step of the way, our vodka is carefully filtered and tested once more to receive the seal of approval from our master distiller, ensuring the smoothest tasting vodka every time.


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