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How to be a Vodka connoisseur?

Vodka has suffered from bad reputation for a long time. It is, indeed, one of the first spirits we encounter, at parties or in cocktails because it is “neutral” and has “no flavor”.

However, more and more people are interested in spirits appreciation. 
When looking closer, it’s interesting to see how complex Vodka can be. There is a lot left to discover.
Glory Vodka, made from corn and certified GMO and gluten free, is crafted in small batches, and distilled six times which give it a varying character, depending on what temperature it is consumed at, and whether it is taken with food. It is, like we told you in our previous article, traditionally meant to be paired with foods.

You might ask yourself “what is the best temperature to taste Glory Vodka?” We can’t answer that question. It will offer you something different, depending on your taste.

However, we can advise you to taste your first Glory drink like an expert.
To do so, pour it into a glass (note that certain glassware works better than other) and leave it at room temperature.
Now, look at it, don’t just drink it. Notice whether or not it leaves “legs” on the glass and look at the clarity of Glory Vodka.
Then smell it before you sip it. Hold your glass a little distance from your nose (to avoid getting some burning alcohol) and inhale gently.
Now, it is time to sip. It gives a shock to your palate as it is not what your palate is used to. Knowing that you have to prep it. To do so, swish it around nicely and then spit out. Your palate is now ready for the “second tasting sip”.


Now that you are more familiar with your Glory Vodka, it is time to try it out cold and warmer. Drink it cold and you will discover a more viscous, pleasantly rich mouthfeel, while tasting it warm may reveal more flavors, more aromatic compounds.

How do you prefer to drink Glory Vodka then?

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