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Cooking with Glory Vodka

Did you know that we often use Vodka in cooking? Because we want you to impress your friends over diner, we are going to give you a few recipes to use your Gluten Free Glory Vodka.

Let’s start with the classic “Penne alla vodka”. The vodka changes this classic pasta dish with a creamy tomato sauce into something really tasty and original. The vodka, indeed, brings out new flavors in the tomatoes and mix nicely the acidity of the tomato juice with the cream.

For pasta lovers we have another recipe for you: “Pasta with hot-smoked salmon”.
This is pretty simple dish made with your Glory Vodka. How to do it? In a frying pan you will fry the onion, garlic, olive oil before pouring in your Glory Vodka and igniting. Then you can flake the salmon into the pan and eventually add the cream.

Another great combination is the “Drunken Shrimp”. Glory Vodka will make the shrimps tender and flavored. When the rice is ready, just add chiles, lemongrass, garlic and a last touch of vodka and you are all set!

Dessert lovers, we haven’t forgotten you. Here is how you can end your diner with: “Orange-Vanilla Ricotta Cheesecake”. Get some vanilla ice cream and orange ice and whip them with ricotta and a bit of Glory Vodka. You will have a sophisticated adult cheesecake.

For those who can’t imagine a dessert without chocolate here is another idea: “Chocolate Ganache Tart”. If you make a cherry-vodka sauce with your Glory Vodka and mix it with preparation and you will have the perfect chocolate dessert.


What you can do with Glory Vodka is endless! …Enjoy your meal and go on with your night!

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