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Go for the Glory… life is too short to blend in. 

Greatness comes from the confidence to live a life worth living. Glory Vodka is an American-made ultra premium spirit that does not compromise when it comes to quality. Carefully crafted in small batches from a selection of the finest corn, our vodka is distilled six times before receiving the seal of approval. Our master distiller assures the smoothest taste every time. The sleek bottle design is more than just a bottle, it is a piece of art born to stand out. On top the bullet serves as a ritual shot glass to illuminate a legendary time ahead.

"Glory for Vets"

It comes as no surprise that this bullet bottle also has a strong and powerful overtone. It not only is an art design object but also a message of hope and peace. Marius, indeed, takes Veterans’ future very seriously because of his great-grandfather’s story. Marius chose a bullet as a strong sign to challenge people. This bullet will no longer be a symbol of hate, but a symbol of rehabilitation. Glory Vodka has developed a program of civil integration for Veterans. To do so, Marius will make unemployed VETS, Glory Sales Ambassador. In addition to that, a part of the profits will go directly to Veterans’ family.

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